Cathy Beggan – The Woman behind All-Natural Products

Cathy BegganCathy Beggan is the one and only founder and president of her wellness business – Rise-N-Shine. The company has been serving people for more than 9 years and until now, they are still eager in developing more products to offer to people. Cathy has deep desire of sharing her knowledge to all through creating supplements out of natural ingredients. This is why she came up developing the business.

For several years of serving her company, there had been improvements in the business, which are manifested on the support that the people are continuously giving to them. Being a promoter of natural supplements, Cathy Beggan is enthusiastic in creating more products that will promote good health and overall wellness to men as a whole. With her dedicated service, Rise-N-Shine became a success in its own ways. The company is known for their quality product such as the following:

  • Wake Up On Time

This is a supplement that comes in tablets. The idea of formulating the product is encouraged based on the need of the people to wake up early on bed for work, school and to do their everyday routine. The product is considered special because of its coating that makes the release of ingredients on the body slowly but surely.  Wake Up on Time is an effective supplement in giving you energy for your morning activity. This is their first product that has made them known in the industry. It has been successful since its initial release. The success of the product is all credited to Cathy Beggan because of her dedication to finish everything she started in the industry.

  • Catalase Extreme

This is one of their best products that had a large sale in the market. For individuals who are having trouble with their gray hair, this is an effective product that will bring the solution to their problem. Catalase extreme is a natural supplement that helps in replenishing catalase enzyme in the body. As we get older, the number of this enzyme slowly lessens thus, as it continues to decrease, the possibility that you get more gray hair is high.

These groundbreaking products of Rise-N-Shine are just two of their best products. Their big contribution in the field of medicine is truly exceptional. Out of a good leadership and management, her business had done great in the industry.

Cathy BegganLate in 2011, Beggan started a career in radio hosting. She founded and hosted her own radio –be show entitled “So You Think You Can Host”. The focus of the show is to find the next wanna-be host. People had known the live streaming radio show later on wherein several participants were motivated to join. The goal of So You Think You Can Host is to look for potential host who are gifted with oral communication skills that is beyond the capacity of ordinary man. Beggan and the team succeeded in their goal and later on were patronized by people. The show lasted for more than year but it was all worth it.

Out of enthusiasm, Cathy Beggan managed to build two different businesses with varied perspectives. That is because aside from being a wellness and health enthusiast, she has also interest in media relations. It is her passion to dwell in these industries and be known by her own effort. For many years, she is considered as one of the most influential women in US who has done a great contribution in the business industry. She was able to put into practice everything that she learned back then and apply it for the benefit of all people. Her desire to help keeps her do more.